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2015 Best Biotechnology Product Award Winner

The product DIAVIT is a whole natural concentrate of Vaccinium myrthillus L. and Hippophae rhamnoides L. fruits of spontaneous flora obtained by genuine processing, protecting the main active components and by adding glucose, starch and lactose. The product is rich in natural principles, such as: antocyanosides, vitamins, mineral salts, phytoncides, tannins, vegetal acids, pectines. The product is used in the treatment of diabetes.

As active ingredients, DIAVIT contains: flavonoides, anthocyans and anthocyanids, saccharides, pectic substances, tannins, vitamins, flavones derivates, organic acids, mineral salts, 3 glucosides, 3 galctosides, neo-myrtilline, hydro-quinone due to the increased blueberry content. The hypoglycaemiant action of DIAVIT is determined by the glycosides of the delphinol, myrtilline and the neo-myrtilline contained by the natural fruits concentrate.

Pharmacologically, anthocyanosides are thought to decrease vascular permeability and improve microcirculation. It remakes the vascular resistance and it is tonic to the venous system. Flavonoids, due to their P-vitamin potential, trophyc and anti-atherogenic action protect blood vessel walls. Due to its diuretic and slightly coronary dilatation action it promotes cardiovascular adjustment and regulation of blood pressure. It has an active effect on the regeneration of retinal purple, which increase the visual acuity. Delphinol glycosides, myrtilin and neomyrtilin have a hipoglycaemical effect at the level of beta cells in Langerhans islets, is correlated with glycaemia depression.

Hypoglycemic effect of DIAVIT is due to a slight hypergenesis at the level of beta cells (the regenerative effect on distroyed pancreatic cells was observed in studies on animals), it contains so called "vegetal insulin" (myrtilene and neomyrtilene). It can be associated with insulin and insulin doses can be gradually reduced due to the hypoglycaemic effect of the product (fact observed in type 2 diabetic patients). The regenerative effect on beta cells appears after 3-5 months of treatment with DIAVIT. On long term, antocyanids have a benefic effect on the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and angiopathy.

The product also contains carotenoids which are recognized for their antioxidant capacity. In fact, carotenoids are considered the most potent biological quenchers of singlet oxygen. Due to its component DIAVIT has also an antioxidant activity, DIAVIT is trademarked being registered at Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (Oficiul de Stat pentru Invenţii şi Mărci, OSIM Romania) in 2010, no. M 2010 02164 / 29.03.2010, by prof. Morar Roman and Assoc. Prof. Dana Liana Pusta, mark number 110204.

DIAVIT is a phyto-terapeutical product, it has no toxic risk for the liver and kidney, no cummulative effect, is very well tolerated by the organism. No side effects were reported. The effect in the diabetes treatment is recorded after 2-3 months of treatment and it has a regerative action of the β Langerhans cells of the pancretic islets, so enables the patient to reduce the dosis of insulin or drugs used in the current treatment of diabetes. Progresivelly the treatment can be made only with DIAVIT which has a protective action of the pancreas.