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Mariapia Viola Magni
University of Perugia, Italy

General Pathology Professor from 1975 at Perugia University and Director of the Institute. She has published 240 paper most in the international journals. Scientific fields of interests are; Cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro; non proteomic DNA synthesis; tumor cell proliferation and oncogene expression; gen expression in hepatocytes during neonatal maturation and liver regeneration; presence of a phospholipidic fraction in hepatocyte chromatin and its methaolism. She was also Rector delegate of international affairs for the University and participates to many projects, in particular she created the schoolfor Technicion, the Doctorate in cell and Molecular Pathology, the consortium of University and Enterprises, TUCEP. From 1976 a network in Biotechnology was created with the support of Europe and two international Courses "Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology" and "Biotechnology Medical Application" were creates. She was President of EBTNA and actually is President of ONLUS research foundaton "Enrico Pucinelli".

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