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Paolo Bartolini

Ph.D in Chemistry (Pavia, Italy, 1969), Post-doctorate in Biochemistry (University of Iowa, USA, 1971-74), Post-doctorate in DNA Recombinant Techniques (University of Pavia, 1988-89). He is an Italian citizen, resident in Brazil.

He has been working at IPEN-CNEN/University of São Paulo (Brazil) since 1975 as a teacher and post-graduate program supervisor, carrying out researches especially in the field of the “Synthesis, purification, characterization and applications of pituitary hormones obtained by DNA recombinant techniques and of animal models for gene therapy”. He also carried out 17 working stages or scientific visits in 9 different countries, being responsible for about 20 national or international research projects. He is still the Scientific Supervisor of the Hormone Division of the Biotechnology Center of this Institution. He published 85 papers in major international journals, 11 book chapters and deposited 5 patents related to products or processes.

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