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Tibor Maliar

Dr. Tibor Maliar is currently a Head of Department of Biotechnologies, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovak Republic and a project manager and inventor in the field of red/yellow biotechnology.
Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2004), Doctorate fellowship in Design of pharmacologically important proteinase inhibitors (Polytech, Area Science Park, Terst, Italy, 1998 - 2000), Certificated training course at Computer Assisted Drug Design (ICS-UNIDO, Area Science Park, Terst, Italy, 1998 – 2000), short postdoctoral stage at TU Munich aimed to development of proteinases, associated with metastatic process progression. Pharmaceutical research for Slovakopharma, Inc., Zentiva, Inc. and Saneca, Inc. He was experiences in the all phases of the preclinical research of the drugs and in development of innovative nutrition supplements.
He has been working at Drug Research Institute Modra, Inc. Slovakia (1989 – 2005), responsible for discovery and pre-clinical development of new API /active pharmaceutical ingredients/ in following fields: antibiotics, drugs of GIS – pancreatic disorder drugs, antiviral drugs, oncolytics and others. In the short period 2007 – 2009 he worked as a researcher of food supplements in Food Research Institute Bratislava, Slovakia Since 2000 is focused only on natural compounds, mainly from medical plants and agrarian crop sources. Since 2001 works as a teacher and final thesis program supervisor, leading a small research team focused on attempt to proof and describe therapeutic potential hided in agrarian crop extract, which could be enhanced by simple chemical and enzymatic processes. He is also an author of 7 patents related to his scientific specialization and an author and a project manager of several national research projects.

Title of the lecture: "Therapeutical potencial of extracts from agricultural crops"

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