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James Bown

Dr James Bown is a Reader in Computational Modelling at the University of Abertay Dundee. He has published his work on complex systems dynamics in high impact journals including Nature and Proc. Roy. Soc. in the areas of plant ecology, fungal colony dynamics, cellular network signalling and interactive digital media; the cross-cutting theme is linking properties of individuals to emergent phenomena at the scale of the community. Within Abertay, he leads the cross-campus White Space Research group, which includes artists, social scientists, ecologists and technologists. He is also Director of Research in the Institute for Arts, Media and Computer Games (AMG), which houses the UK’s first Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education (£3M) and has a £5M Prototyping fund. He also heads the theoretical strand of CRISP, the Centre for Research in Informatics for Systems Pathology, a multi-site, interdisciplinary collaboration among Abertay, University of Edinburgh, and University of St Andrews. CRISP is combining process- and data-driven modelling and using games technology to communicate model dynamics.

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